ELISA Orientation

Explanatory documentation for newcomers and participants

This site contains documentation for the ELISA (Enabling Linux in Safety Applications) Linux Foundation Project to bring new participants on board and to provide reference and historical information for participants in general.



Originally, an ELISA white paper was written in LaTex and was stored on the ELISA White Papers GitHub site. Ultimately, in the Brussels workshop, we established that the document was intended for onboarding new project participants rather than acquiring them. There hasn’t been much work done on it and it is pretty much in the state in which it was written. Ultimately a proposal was made to the TSC and the Ambassadors WG to start an ELISA onboarding website, which ultimately resulted in a presentation at the 7th Workshop. In anticipation of the Onboarding Website, the White Paper document was translated to markdown to provide a basis for discussion.

Link: Onboarding